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Hidden Gems For Home Appliance Repair Inspiration And Ideas

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Appliances can get damaged in a number or ways. Heavy objects can fall on the surface of the appliance or a sharp edge can scratch or chip the surface of the appliance. A ding or scratch won't effect the performance of an appliance but it will affect the appearance of the appliance. You can easily buy some touch up paint to fix the surface of a damaged appliance. White is the easiest to fix but you can buy any color you need to fix the scratch or scuff. You can buy the patching paint at a hardware store.

After you get the paint you need to repair the surface of the appliance take some time to wash the surface to be painted. You can use a kitchen scrub pad and some detergent to wash the affected area. Make sure to rinse it well and dry it before you apply the paint.

If the scratch is small then touch it up with a very small amount of paint. It will look better and stay good looking longer then if you apply a large glob of paint onto the surface.

If the area to be repaired is a large area then you may need to get a 15-ounce can of spray paint to fix the scratch or scuff. Get paint that matches the color of your appliance.

First take sand paper that is 600 grit and sand the area to be painted. After you sand the area take a damp cloth and wipe the surface that you sanded. Then let the surface dry.

Shake the can of paint according to the directions on the can and spray the entire area very lightly. Then let the area dry well. After the paint is dry you should apply a second coat of paint to the area. You may have to apply several coats of paint until you get the damaged area covered entirely. Don't put on a heavy coat of the paint or you will develop drips and streaks on the surface of the appliance. If you do develop drips you can sand the area smooth and wipe it with a damp cloth. Once the area has dried you can apply a light coat of paint on the area.

When painting a metal surface it can be somewhat challenging to keep the paint from dripping and smearing. It is most important to apply thin coats of paint to prevent drips form developing.

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