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On the net dealing has grown greatly within the prior several years. Some sort of stock trader must work with a broker for you to get into their inventory orders.

Stocking by anivisionorg

When your money sits in the bank, you earn some interest, so why not make some extra income on your stocks and gold while they sit in your broker's vault. Dividends aren't the only way to make money on the stocks you hold long-term. "Call options" can give you some extra income on those stocks for the years they are sitting idle in an IRA account (or even in a regular account).

Here's a quick guide to how it works.

Call options are a right to buy a stock at a specific price between now and a future expiration date. If I buy an IBM December 200 call, it means I have the right to buy 100 shares of IBM for $200 per share any time between now and December, regardless of the market price. Even if IBM is at 225 in December, I can buy it for $200. I can also just sell the call for the difference in price between the two, and pocket the profit. However, from a seller's standpoint, I am selling the right to someone else, who may buy my shares for $200 any time between now and December. He pays me a premium, say $500, for this right, when IBM is at $194. I pocket the extra $500 income, and if the shares get pulled away from me at $200 per share, I still have a $600 profit there too. I just made $1100 instead of the $600 I would have made without selling the calls.

Of course, if IBM goes to $220 the next week, I might cry real tears, but there's no reason. Profit is profit, and it's never a bad thing. Never cry over a "could have made" deal, just be happy with the profits you have in hand.

However, if IBM stays in the $185 to $195 range for many months, I continue to earn extra income by selling calls against my shares. When these expire, I can sell more. It's a constant stream of income. Of course, in events such as the financial crash of the second Bush administration, when most stocks fell 40%... you will still see a loss. However, the income from the calls will help take some of the sting out of it. If you own gold bars, the same principle applies, but you'll need a commodities broker to trade these types of calls on gold.

This isn't a quick fix or guarantee against buying bad stocks or investments. If you had Citibank or Lehmen shares in 2008 or 2009, nothing would have saved you. But it does create extra income against the solid stocks you own that are not built like a house of cards. Nothing is guaranteed in the stock market, not even with blue chips, so you need all the extra income you can get.

You can also sell deep in the money calls, when you think the stock may tumble but you don't wish to sell the shares. If CAT is at 115 and you suspect a fall coming, you can sell the 100 (strike price) calls, for about $1600 or more. If it falls to 98, you will keep my stock and get enough money from the call sale to cover most of your losses.

If you want to try it, look on your broker's website for Options quotes, and start shopping for a proper "call" to sell against your shares. I always sell long-term options, and it usually works well for my account.

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NBC <b>News</b> app now on Xbox Live | Joystiq

Microsoft has announced that the National Broadcasting Company (colloquially known as NBC) has released a news app on Microsoft's Xbox Live. The app features content from many of NBC's various news programs, ...

NBC <b>News</b> app now on Xbox Live | Joystiq

ABC <b>News</b> Stumbles in Report on Tony Scott&#39;s Suicide -

Late Monday, ABC backed off an earlier report saying that Tony Scott, the movie director who committed suicide on Sunday, had inoperable brain cancer.

ABC <b>News</b> Stumbles in Report on Tony Scott&#39;s Suicide -

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RT has been nominated for the International Emmy Award in the news category for its coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement which began in New York last year. RT was one the first channels to thoroughly report about ...

RT&#39;s &#39;Occupy&#39; coverage nominated for Emmy <b>news</b> award — RT

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How to make the house Wheelchair readily available. Effectively the very first thing to find out will be the elevation that you're going to have got.

Ramp by Jpspider.jpg

If you've own a shed and have ever tried to lug your lawn mower or other heavy equipment into it, you know how back breaking this is. It's probably high time you build a ramp. It's easy to do and save you the strain of heaving that heavy stuff into your shed. You need a little skill with tools and few materials, so you can build a ramp yourself on the cheap.

Make your ramp wide enough to for the equipment you will be moving in and out of your shed. 3 feet is usually enough but I would make it as large as your door on your shed, or even 6 inches or so past the outside of your door.

Cut a 2x6 ledger equal to the width of the ramp. Rip the top so it is beveled to the angle of your ramp. Level the ledger so that its 5 inches below the floor of your shed. Drill three holes into the ledger board and attach it to the shed with 3/8 x 3 inch lag bolts. If you're attaching it to concrete, use ½ x 3 inch redheads.

Measure the height of the shed floor to the ground. For a proper slope that is easy to walk up and haul heavy equipment up, multiply your measurement by 8. For example if your floor to ground height is 10 inches, your ramp is going to be 80 inches long. Cut 3, 2x4 stringers about 6 inches or more longer than your ramps length. This way you have extra when you make your final cuts, so you don't cut your stringers to short.

Rest the 2x4's along the top of the ledger board. Using a square a straight edge, hold it tight against the outside of the ledger board and tight against the side of your stringer. Scribe a mark along the edge. This will be the angle you will need to cut all your stringers. Use the same method along the ground on the other side of your stringer. Cut to the lines and test fit. Once the test board is precise, use it as a pattern to cut the rest of your stringers.

Fasten the 2x4 stringers to the top of your ledger board, one on each end and one in the middle. Attach with 10d galvanized nails by toe nailing into the stringer below and to the sides of your shed. If you're butting against concrete, use tapcons to attach to the slab by periling and screwing in the tapcons.

Cut 2x6 decking boards for the top of the ramp. Measure the width of your ramp and cut your decking boards 1 ½ inches larger than the ramps width. An example is if your ramp is 3 feet wide cut the decking boards 37 ½ inches. This way the decking boards hang over the edges ¾ inches over the sides of your ramp.

Attach your decking boards from the top of the ramp to the bottom. Secure them using 8d galvanized nails or use no. 8 2 inch decking screws. Place each board tight against the other if you are using pressure treated boards, or space using a nail if you are using other materials besides pressure treated such as cedar or other rot resistant wood. The last board should be ripped on a bevel to make a nice transition between the ramp and the ground. You may place patio blocks at the front of the ramp or use gravel.

A nice ramp for all your hauling and equipment should now be complete. You can stain or paint the wood to match your shed. The ramp should last for years to come and save your back for years as well!

handicap ramps, handicap ramp, wheelchair ramps

NBC <b>News</b> app now on Xbox Live | Joystiq

Microsoft has announced that the National Broadcasting Company (colloquially known as NBC) has released a news app on Microsoft's Xbox Live. The app features content from many of NBC's various news programs, ...

NBC <b>News</b> app now on Xbox Live | Joystiq

Consolidated Media Expects <b>News</b> Corp Deal To Close In Six Weeks

Don Groves is a Deadline contributor based in Sydney News Corp.'s move to acquire James Packer's Consolidated Media Holdings is nearing completion.

Consolidated Media Expects <b>News</b> Corp Deal To Close In Six Weeks

Ethernet&#39;s future: How fast is fast enough? | Internet <b>...</b> - CNET <b>News</b>

Your PC may not need a faster network, but overall data usage on the Web is doubling every year. The big question: Can the venerable Ethernet standard handle a terabit per second? Read this blog post by Stephen ...

Ethernet&#39;s future: How fast is fast enough? | Internet <b>...</b> - CNET <b>News</b>

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Stocks together with minimal price/book proportions or maybe price/earnings proportions. In times past, price stocks and options have got loved better typical returns than expansion futures (stocks and options with excessive price/book or perhaps P/E ratios) in a range of countries

The Stock Market interiors by _gem_

It is apparent to anyone watching the stock market, the falling AIG stock price, the potential for the Lehman Barclays deal, and a possibly disastrous AIG bankruptcy, that consumers are afraid to lose what is left of their nest eggs.

In the wake of a tumbling Dow Jones, hushed whispers of a stock market crash and frantic activity at the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street mavens are calling for the Fed to cut interest rates in a last ditch effort to overcome Bank of America stock prices -- and Merrill Lynch as well as Morgan Stanley stock price doubts -- with a shot in the economic arm.

Stock Market Analysis

Stock market analysts claim to know what ails a floundering Wall Street: the aftermath of the mortgage crisis. USA Today reports that the seemingly unprecedented drop in the stock market is due to the precarious fiscal empires of Lehman Bros, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Countrywide, and even Merrill Lynch finally toppling.

As the DOW took a 504 point nosedive, other companies are being sucked down the spiral as well. The Street pulls no punches as it details the downgrading of insurer AIG stock prices. Once known as AIG Valic, AIG stock prices join Con Edison, Eli Lilly, and even PG&E stocks; investors are eyeing the Dow Jones and worry about another stock market crash.

The British Are Coming, the British Are Coming!

The news is not all bad, however, since across the pond there are some signs that foreign investors are taking a closer look at America's floundering Wall Street. According to the Associated Press, London's Barclays PLC is making overtures to buy some of the assets Chapter 11 bound Lehman Brothers has for sale. Whether or not advantageous for Lehman, Barclays' interest might inject some much needed capital into the transaction.

As rumors of an AIG bankruptcy send not only its stock prices but also associated industry stocks -- such as the Merrill Lynch stock price and also Morgan Stanley stock price - onto a topsy turvy course, it bears remembering that the much feared New York Stock Exchange Black Monday is not a new occurrence.

A Brief History of Time

As a matter of fact, even recent history shows a cyclical appearance of Black Monday responses to late Friday company press releases and weekend world news. For example, the Black Monday Wall Street jitters that rocked the stock market yesterday occurred in the wake of Lehman Brothers' Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and also the news that Bank of America had acquired Merrill Lynch.

Take for another example January 21st, 2008. Even as there was no trading on Wall Street itself due to the federal Martin Luther King, Junior holiday observance, stock market movers and shakers were not idle and watched with apprehension the tumbles of India's and also Hong Kong's stock indices.

KPTM Fox 42 quotes the Associated Press account that points to the combination of international fiscal shenanigans and a serious doubt over the Bush Administration's economic stimulus package that led to an investor led run on Wall Street on the next trading day. A scant day later, BBC News reported of a stock market recovery in the wake of an interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve.

The BBC pointed out that even spiraling commodities markets quickly recovered and once again picked up appreciably.

2008 a 1987 in Disguise?

21 years prior to this occurrence, there was another Black Monday that sent the stock market reeling. During the onset of the holiday season on October 19th, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average went down by more than 22%. The Motley Fool put together a stellar account of the year 1987 and a snapshot of the stock market which, at that time, appeared to be plagued by fraud, and empty promises.

Sent over the edge by the 10-19 shelling of the Iranian oil platform located in the Persian Gulf, the Motley Fool concludes that it was not a single event, but instead a series of seemingly only tangentially related incidents that - much akin a slow fuse to a powder keg - finally set off the explosion.

Back to the future, today is not really that different from 21 years ago. A series of unfortunate events, speculation driven transactions, poor planning on the parts of consumers, corporate greed, and a failure to put down the governmental foot a lot sooner on haphazard corporate accountability have brought America's chickens home to roost (maybe this is what Jeremiah Wright was talking about?).

The worst thing you could do right now is place all of your nest eggs into one basket, while the best thing to do is to diversify your investment portfolio, keep a good chunk of cash in an FDIC insured high interest savings account, and then hold on for the ride. If your blood pressure permits, get in on the action and speculate, but you stand a good chance of losing your shirt.


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&#39;US instigating violent crackdown on whistleblowers, dissent&#39; — RT

With the world closely watching the rapidly developing case of Julian Assange, RT sat down with American author Naomi Wolf to discuss why journalists are finding it increasingly difficult to publish data the US government ...

&#39;US instigating violent crackdown on whistleblowers, dissent&#39; — RT

Understanding infertility in cows could shed light on humans&#39; too - Kplu

News for Seattle and the Northwest · Your MoneyWorth the deal? Groceries get a personalized price · Education Three Wash. Head Start programs on the ropes · Obituary Tuskegee airman G. Hickman dies in Seattle at 88 ...

Understanding infertility in cows could shed light on humans&#39; too - Kplu

US war on whistleblowers must end - Assange (VIDEO) — RT

Julian Assange has made his first public appearance in the two months since he took refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

US war on whistleblowers must end - Assange (VIDEO) — RT

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What is this Stock trading game? It really is the organized technique in which everyone as well as all people may both acquire or maybe offer the shares or even shares

Chpt7-SecA: What Is a Stock Portfolio? by palynp

When you're getting into investing you need to invest in companies who have something tangible to offer the marketplace. Something that the market wants but doesn't have. For the even more advanced investor, stock picking is about looking at what a company offers and imagining the demand in the future in the market. Penny stocks are the perfect space for that just because they are offering the world something it may not already have. At the very least penny stock investing is about giving the market something it doesn't have enough of.

Looking for the next best stock before its gotten popular is a little bit like discovering the next boy band before they're NSYNC. You need to have a certain threshold for quality control and you need to be able to see the products use in the world.

When you're trying to pick winners in penny stock investing, considering the world around you is the best place to start. Consider that roll of paper towels in your closet. Now look around those all natural paper towels.

What are the trends? Eco? Green? Reusable? Organic? Hybrid?

Where else do these trends enter your life? Bath products, food, home care, cleaning supplies, vehicles?

So who makes these products? These are the companies you're looking for; the ones introducing the newest trends. Then who are these trend pushers partnering with? These smaller companies with new ideas and limited exposure; these may be the ones who have the stock that you're looking for.

Even if it's a trend you don't necessarily see the need for, that doesn't make its place in the market any less valid. You, as an adult, are not going to have any ability to get at your stem cell tissue. However you could have a child forthcoming, a nephew, or grandchild on the way. If your family history has a genetic predisposition to terminal illnesses, getting the stem cells of your next of kin can save lives of the next generation. So stem cell research companies may be something you should look into.

Finding your penny stocks niche in the marketplace before the marketplace can make you a very rich person. Once you've deciphered that your company not only has something of value to offer the market that's also original, you should buy in, double down, and hold on for the ride!











Guns N&#39; Roses to Take Over Las Vegas With &#39;Appetite for <b>...</b>

Guns N&#39; Roses have announced their impending takeover of the Joint at Las Vegas&#39; Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in October for a 12-date Appetite for Demo.

Guns N&#39; Roses to Take Over Las Vegas With &#39;Appetite for <b>...</b>

<b>News</b> Quiz | August 13, 2012 -

This post has been revised to reflect the following correction: Correction: August 13, 2012. In an earlier version of this quiz, question two read "Judges say problems in credit card companies' lawsuits against delinquent ...

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The Sun says: Triumphant | The Sun |<b>News</b>|Sun Says

IT ended as it began: as a celebration of Britain at its best. The flames of the London 2012 Olympic cauldron were extinguished after two weeks which will burn brightly for ever in our history. Can it really be over? If you're ...

The Sun says: Triumphant | The Sun |<b>News</b>|Sun Says

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On-line Options trading Makes it possible to Reap the benefits of Your own Assets

Tokyo Stock Exchange Trading Room by zwillyc

In stock trading, you are up against the sharpest minds on Wall Street. To get ahead, you need an edge.

Insider Information
Insider trading is illegal, although still widespread.

Access to Information
Institutions enjoyed that advantage for decades by getting advance warnings from company executives. Reg. D put an end to that.

Faster Execution
If we all get the same access to the same information more or less at the same time, then it's the speed at which we react to it that counts. The edge is in beating the others to it - by a day, an hour, a minute. That's where trading seems to be heading: faster execution, lower commissions, more sophisticated online order entries.

There is only one problem: when something gets too crowded, it leads to diminishing returns.

"Dogs of the Dow" was a popular strategy in the 90s. Why bother with anything else when you can outperform the market by buying the top 5 or 10 highest yielding Dow 30 stocks? Once a year, or once a quarter, you roll your money from the winners into a new batch of "dogs." A lot of people did that. Every major brokerage firm rolled out its own version. Now every month somebody was rolling money out of their winners into the current dogs. The end result: the strategy stopped working, and the Dow turned itself into an underperforming dog for years.

You can't beat the crowd by running with it. If you want an edge, you have to look where nobody else does.

Despite what they teach you in school, not everybody can be above average, not everybody can be a winner. Trading is a wealth transfer mechanism where money flows from the many to the few.

Betting against the crowd, not with it, will give you that edge. It does not necessarily mean being a contrarian and zigging when everyone else is zagging.

Many proven trading systems insist that you never lose more than 10% on a trade. When a lot of people started following that rule, a stock declining 10% would trigger an avalanche of stop sell orders, causing further decline. So CANSLIM now suggests cutting your losses at 7 or 8% to be out ahead of the crowd. But now CANSLIM has gotten so popular that more and more people are following the 7-8% sell rule. The result? The selling avalanche now starts earlier but subsides before it reaches 10%. Your best bet is to either cut your losses even sooner (which happens more often) or put the stop back at 10%, avoiding getting stopped out of an advancing zoomer altogether.

So if most traders trade off an intraday, 3-day or 10-day chart, it may make sense to take a longer perspective. Most zoomers' runs last 2-4 months. By accepting a little more fluctuation, you increase your chances of bigger gains while minimizing short term trading.

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Tips On How To Retain The Services Of An Appliance Repair Company: Quick Steps To Help To Make Your Life Easier Internet Advertising and marketing For Appliance Repair Employees

Western Boise Appliance Repair 5 by westboiid

Looking for a great washer and dryer repair service provider in Salt Lake City? Look no further than Famous Appliance and Service Company. Based in the heart of Salt Lake City, Famous Appliance has been a family run business for over four years and has built a reputation of reliability and good, efficient service.

The company has worked hard the last several years and has earned a five star rating on sites like CitySearch and Service Magic. Companies like Service Magic make finding a home appliance repair servicer easy by pre-screening companies, and following up with customers and giving ratings based on those customers answers. There are a lot of choices, and quite a long list of service repair shops in the area. Companies like Service Magic help to make the choice a lot easier and takes the time out of calling multiple providers. I first located the company using this service. They do a thorough 10 point inspection on every company, including verification of licenses for providers as well as the business itself, check sex offender and criminial backgrounds, and do a bankruptcy and lien search on each company.

While most repair shops offer about the same level of service, Famous Appliance and Service Company has taken it one step further. Good customer service is key to maintaining your client base. When I needed their service, they were out within a couple of hours. Another time that I used them, they gave me an accurate time frame on when they would be there, than called when they were on their way. Many companies will tell you, "We'll be there between 12pm and 5pm." This company gave me an exact time, or were able to give me a one to two hour window that they would be there. They called when they left the job in front of me, and made me aware if they were going to be late. As a customer, I appreciate not having to be tied to my home for hours on end, hoping I didn't miss my repair person.

Another feature unique to Famous Appliance is the ability to go online and type in the problem I am experiencing, and get an online quote before I ever schedule an appointment. This is a great tool to have to determine how much I will need to have in order to fix my appliance. However, sometimes I'm too busy to get an online quote, and I appreciate that when the company comes out, I always know how much it will cost to fix before they start. That way I don't waste their time, or mine if it's something I really can't afford at the time.

The company is good to come out and ask questions, seem concerned about me and my problem, and work to accurately fix the problem while staying within my budget. They are good to give me other options or help me determine the most important thing to fix if I am not able to fix everything at once at the time they come out. I also find that helps me as a customer feel like I have options, and am able to fix a problem I may be having without breaking the bank.

Famous Appliance and Service Company in addition to washers and dryers also services refrigerators, dishwashers, disposals, and compactors. They are able to repair almost any major brand and model of appliance and have most of the needed repair parts in stock. The company offers a one year warranty on all parts and labor.

While the service and timeliness of the company is great, I find that when it comes to price they are competitive, but they are not the lowest priced company. I feel that the services and customer service I recieve help to make them more competitive. But they are not the cheapest or most inexpensive company you will find. However, having someone come out the same day for me is invaluable.

Famous Appliance and Service Company is one of the best washer and dryer repair service providers in the Salt Lake Valley. For repair providers in your area, check out the site

Ark Park <b>news</b> – Pharyngula

Ken Ham's boondoggle in Kentucky is still mired in sluggish fundraising, but he still believes they'll be open in 2014…only now with an incomplete park. They're now talking about building it up gradually over a decade, ...

Ark Park <b>news</b> – Pharyngula

Great <b>news</b>: Author of “You didn&#39;t build that” gets prime-time slot at <b>...</b>

It's not quite as good as getting the keynote slot, which will instead go to San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, but for Republicans, it's pretty darned close to perfect. Democrats gave Elizabeth Warren the prime-time slot just ...

Great <b>news</b>: Author of “You didn&#39;t build that” gets prime-time slot at <b>...</b>

Daily <b>News</b> front page splash &#39;flat wrong,&#39; says NBC : CJR

The New York Daily News was quick to splash Tuesday's front page with news that NBC's Hoda Kotb was being flown in to rescue the Today Show's Olympics coverage from Savannah Guthrie. The paper used two sources at ...

Daily <b>News</b> front page splash &#39;flat wrong,&#39; says NBC : CJR